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You, cis, dumbass: did you get "the surgery"

Me, genius, nodding confidently and taking off my pants to reveal two dicks:

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I wrote a little song, it goes something like this :)

*i pull out a revolver and dome a cop from 20 feet away*

People being respectful of MY boundaries? *i take out a gun* It's about to be more likely than you think.

Finger trick...what the fuck could it mean

We've gotta come together and remove the beatles from history. It's gotta be done. No trace.

If youre a vampire meet me outside so i can pulverize you with my church hammer.

Bloodborne didn't have enough vampires you could shoot point blank with a cannon. Huge design flaw.

If you live in new york for too long they draft you into SNL.

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Shooting myself with a bow and arrow every day a little bit to build up an immunity.

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Aiming straight down with a sniper rifle and shooting my dick clean off American Sniper 2

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Putting my gun in my waistband to purposefully try and shoot my own dick off.

Harnessing solar energy to shoot a beam directly down, out of my eyes, vaporizing my dick instantly.

I spin my revolver around before aiming it at my dick and firing, shooting it clean off.

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condolences to all those affected by the explosion in the cum factory

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honky tonk is spanish for honk and tonk

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alexa play road signs always look better looking over your shoulder by defiance ohio

Telling stories with your friends whips ass. My one dumbass nerd vice.

My little brain is demanding i start a third tabletop group. I refuse. I cannot. Here's the signup sheet and a w2m, if you're late we all beat you to death.

Drawing a friends D&D character and having multiple people ask if she fucks. You bet your ass she fucks.

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