Me, 15: anarchy means throwing a bottle at a cop car

Me, 25: anarchy means helping one another, organizing because we are stronger together, and taking control of our own lives by means of direct action like throwing a bottle at a cop car

Anarchy means arguing with other anarchists about what anarchy means.

@melt You never really grow out of throwing shit at cops. Or arguing with other anarchists. Mostly because capitalism incentivizes us to misdirect our aggression at the system to its agents or even its revolutionaries in a conquest for meaning by dangling hopelessness in front of us at all time...what the fuck were we talking about again?

@alice @melt But also because a friendly, good-faith debate can be wicked fun, and expressing your ideas to someone else gives a clearer idea of how viable they are, and what parts need work.

@melt One of the strongest political advice comes from Jacek Kuroń, longtime fighter against oppressive regime:

> Nie palcie komitetów, zakładajcie własne

"Don't burn committees, create your own"

@melt @LexYeen Anarchists co-operate of their own free will, lifting each other up so at the end of the day we can all throw bottles at cop cars together.

@Rewhan @melt I aspire to a world where there are no cop cars to throw bottles at, but until then... :anarchy:

@melt as the President of Anarchy, it means what I say it means!!

I haven't decided yet tho

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