You ever think about how the push against free college in the US is probably backed by the military industrial complex because free college is one of the only incentives they can actually offer to poor Americans?

I grew up in a poor as fuck area and those posters were plastered everywhere.

"100% Free Tuition". The further you got away from rural towns the less Honor And Duty USMC billboards you'd see. They'd come to our high schools and advertise to what were essentially tall children.

It's why I don't typically say fuck people in the military. For a lot of us back home it was the only way out. The system was made with this in mind.

To clarify, ACAB. Even if you mean well, you cannot exist within the machine and hope to dismantle it or work counter to its intentions. There is a place for that and I don't believe it's here or now. My concern lies with the tactics used to coerce teens.

@melt fuck the military but sorry to the people who were coerced into joining it

@melt I've been wanting to make a post like this for a while but didn't have such good words, thank you for this thread


We were forced to take the ASVAB.

They recruited me until the year I turned 29.

@melt I think the same people are behind this who are behind the labor based economy. Things were better before jobs came along.

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