mods hold no power over you, asleep or not, your will is your own, post 2 sided dice.

god i want to eat this fuckin thing so bad

@laser @melt when i see this i say "die" but only because i want to kill every president

unsolicited complaining about the design of the US quarter 

@melt I thought this was a roll of toilet paper for a second and wondered, "How?"

@izaya @melt mathematically any curved 3d shape has an infinite number of sides

@charlag @melt so it can't roll over to the "other side" (the other end, which it is standing on)? 🙂

@melt Weird coincidence but I was just buying some dice this weekend and I saw those. I was really tempted because I like having weird things but I decided against it in the end.

@melt ...why does that look like if I licked it It would taste of sugar

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