What is it with people moving to Seattle and immediately either becoming a fascist or a bottom? Why are they both in tech? What is the Seattle to bottom pipeline and how do we destroy it? Are yall ok?

@melt do you want a serious answer btw? I could go into my opinion about the techbro fasc vs. queer bottom ravers dynamic going on here in Seattle but I don't wanna go on a whole spiel if this isn't a serious question ;x

@viomi it was not a serious question but now im actually curious

@melt i was gonna write more but that's the answer so

hang on let me type up the long version

LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 1/? 


So, Amazon has completely and utterly gentrified Seattle. In Bezos' quest for world domination, he has completely changed the politics and dynamics of Seattle.

Seattle is very isolationist by nature. We are way up in the corner of the country, surrounded by the tallest trees on one side and the ocean on the other. People have always liked tech up here; It's the home of Microsoft, after all. Microsoft, generally speaking, stayed the fuck out of state politics and didn't really hurt the queer community as much. They stayed over in Redmond (where I live) and gentrified this area, but not Seattle. It did increase the cost of living, however.

Because of this, interaction in Seattle is very different from most places in the USA. There's a huge culture shock the first time you come here; You will get ghosted. Over and over. People will make plans.. and they will never happen. This is only amplified by amazon driving up the price of living.(cont.)

LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 2/? 


Everyone is SUPER busy. If you are a raver, you have to have a job that can somehow cover $1200 (BEFORE utilities, parking, etc) for a tiny ass studio. Most of the jobs here that can actually afford to live here are Amazon, Valve, Microsoft, etc... Techbros all around. Now, the techbros in Seattle see Amazon as a bastion, a savior of the city. Why?

Well you see, Amazon is VERY involved in our politics and construction in the city. They fund huge projects and then use that to strongarm politicians. They ran their own Amazon-approved politician for EVERY SINGLE SEAT (luckily we managed to shut that down and they only won 2 or 3). Techbros love that the city is becoming "nicer" (gentrified); They also are extremely isolationist shut ins as most are, which makes the "Seattle Freeze" (it's what we call everyone being so distant and ghosting each other) even more prominent. (cont.)

LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 3/? 


So how DO queers live in Seattle without working for Amazon? Well.. they don't, not easily. Most of our friends live in houses together that they all contribute towards, along with someone who happens to be rich leading said house. The rest of my friends live in trailers or couch surf. I was homeless for the entirety of last year, the only reason I have a place to stay is because my grandmother moved up here and let me stay on her disability with her.

What does this have to do with bottoms? Well, everyone's so fucking drained! Everyone is extremely isolated, touch starved, busy.. Nobody has the energy to top, nobody can be there to be the "big one" and handle things. They're too busy drowning in bills and dealing with cryptofascists.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Bezos threatened to fire every single Amazon employee in Washington if Amazon had to pay taxes here? (cont.)

LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 4/4 


This has led to a ridiculously powerful aura that permeates every single wall, corner, alleyway of Seattle: The Amazons, and the dwindling queer bottom community that is slowly being crushed and chased away by the increasing cost of living caused by Amazon and the gentrification also caused by Amazon. Every year, the raves get smaller. Every year, new huge buildings are built downtown; GIANT apartment complexes that we will never be able to afford. Only Amazon employees can afford them.. Why do you think Amazon helped pay for the construction?

This is PURPOSEFUL. Amazon purposefully overpays its' tech employees (not the warehouse ones or any of the ones we could easily get, of course) and then claims that they're "treating their employees better than anyone else." They pass it off as being extra ethical when they are, in fact, purposefully creating class traitors.

This is the Dr. Seuss story.. Those with stars, and those without.

ok thanks for coming to my ted talk now you know why we're all bottoms in a constant war with techbro fascists. welcome to seattle

@viomi damnit i kinda wanted to live in seattle if i moved to the US cause of the climate being similar to the UK

guess there's the rest of the state?? idk, probably will never happen anyway

seattle IS a good place to live! 

@steph Oh Seattle is still by far the best place to live in the states. Everywhere else feels like a right-wing anti-trans hell to me now. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else in the country.. or most of the world.

Even the cryptofascists here are neoliberal.. Obviously that's still shit but it's way better than the further-right wingers everywhere else in the world. You won't get attacked for being openly queer or trans downtown.. There's colored hair queers everywhere!

That long thread I wrote probably made it seem like Seattle is really bad but it's.. better for queers than literally any other city. Wayyyy better than Portland, even, which I would rate as second best.

Also like.. they're tech bros. They're hiding in their rooms and not really interacting with us anyways. This *is* the safest place I can think of for us.

re: seattle IS a good place to live! 

@viomi maybe i should just, uhh, stay in europe

seattle IS a good place to live! 

@viomi @steph tbh Bellingham is pretty nice, if you can somehow deal with the slowly-rising-to-seattle-tier-rents without all the jobs you'd need to make that tenable. after growing up in seattle, heading up there for school felt so very much like home for the small amount of time i could pull it off

it's not perfect either, but at least it feels like you can find a community without fighting for it

seattle IS a good place to live! 

@viomi @steph Eeeh, Seattle's always felt like a more expensive Portland with less going for it, and Portland definitely has a homophobic streak. Kinda curious if you've lived vary many other places for Portland and Seattle to be at the top... I'd tend to rank them both towards the worst given the xenophobia and cryptofascism as basic social norms.

seattle IS a good place to live! 

@BalooUriza @steph the xenophobia from neoliberal tech bros is nowhere near as bad or strong as the xenophobia in the rest of the country from hard right winger hicks. It's one of the few sister cities who stands up to the feds on things like immigration and refugees.

seattle IS a good place to live! 

@BalooUriza @steph in fact Seattle is one of the least xenophobic places I've visited in my life 😅

re: seattle IS a good place to live! 

@viomi @BalooUriza (untag pls)

@BalooUriza why are you such a condescending asshole jfc

I already shit on u the other day for telling a trans girl she wasn't doing good enough to "win allies" after mansplaining shit at her. now you over here, with no idea how much I've traveled, trying to talk down at me about it?

Why are you on masto ugh. Pls go away do not reply to this or any of my posts again thx

@cantinto @steph oregon has actual fascists and also there's nonstop screaming downtown portland I,, do not recommend even if it's like 25% cheaper than seattle

@steph @viomi Yeah, I'd stick to the wet side of the northwest. The dry side is where people disappear.

@viomi obv the difference being the massive in/outflux due to being less isolationist

@presolace yes. we even have the thing where our queer community is getting more and more dominated by tech normies. it's cursed. we will literally be SF in no time

@viomi it hits this interesting cultural spot as well where... generations of queers (as in, by their involvement/coming out/etc, not their age) are drawn to the hub for the reasons stated and people in the mid/lower middle class run into all these queer politics for the first time. they have the chance to help the community, but running into the poorer folks + infighting, whatever, they either (actually) 'lean in' or they get touchy and liberal and lean into the fascist policies you mentioned


@presolace spot on. my folks used to be more on the neoliberal side and I even had a family member working at Amazon. They moved up here because -I'm a techie-. To think there's an alternative universe where I'm not trans and instead became a neolib fascist femboy is,, curssssed

My family is a lot more leftist now due to me calmly and gently explaining (SCREAMING) things, they're still pretty liberal but they aren't "vote for biden" liberal so

re:LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 4/4 

@viomi thank you so much for writing all of this, holy shit.

re:LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 4/4 

@melt oh no problem it's very nice to vent about what's on literally every single Seattle queer's minds :blobowo:

We can't really vent about it to any of our friends because... well, they already know, and they're already so stressed about it, they don't wanna think about it more

LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 

@viomi @melt seattle punk here this all checks out. living in this city is like running up a down escalator while techies throw rocks at you from the landing above

LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 

@viomi @melt the punks are a bit scrappier than anyone else but maybe it's just cause they're willing to put up with lower living standards

re: LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 

@_ @melt

this is why every top in seattle is also punk

LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 2/? 

@viomi Hey, fantastic write up! I have a question though: by “raver” do you mean people who go to raves?

Re: LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 

@gekko yeppers

Re: LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 

@viomi Cool! Lol thank you. Whats the connection between ravers and Amazon? Do they not typically work at tech places?

I’m a bit further north, in Victoria BC, and we have a distinct lack of raver culture.

Re: LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 

@gekko ah, yeah that island seems pretty quiet.

There's no connection between ravers and amazon, ravers just spend money on aesthetic and shows so they struggle even more with the cost of living. And there's just a really big rave community here, that's all

LONG: Why Seattle is full of Bottoms and Techbro Fascists 1/? 

@viomi this is a really good writeup, thank you

@k no problem!! thank u for reading and I'm really glad you liked it :blobcatlove:

@melt well I'm pretty sure the fash thing is a conspiracy to invade tech

But the bottoms are simply returning to their courtship grounds to look for a mate

Not sure how effective it is, I've not known Seattle for it's population of tops


But when Porco Rosso tells his old friend the naval officer, "I'd rather be a bottom than a Fascist" at the TacoCat show, it's still a great line.

*I'll show myself out*

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