Back when I was active on Usenet it was considered pretty normal to have house rules for any newsgroup, you were also expected to refrain from posting long enough to notice and learn the unspoken customs (this was called "lurking").

Nowadays people see it as an orchestrated attack against free speech, shout references to 1984, and threaten to move elsewhere.

Yet the ones asking us all to behave politely are called "hypersensitive"?


These instances are not run on commercial servers that proprietary companies can afford. More often than not, these are hobbyists running an instance for the benefit of Mastodon.

DO NOT SPREAD WORD OF MASTODON WITHOUT CLARIFYING THIS. If you do, everyone coming will flock to, which puts a strain on that one instance and makes it look bad. There are other instances for a reason.

Other than that small preparation, be sure to donate to your instance admin.

A tought : mastodon is perfect for organising. If each group has it's instance, they can federate each other with important information will organizing themselves in the local one. Maximum transparency, and like that you cannot get shutdown. Every party/union/group can keep it's data inhouse.

Hanami 1.0.0 was released today. This is fantastic news for Ruby community. You can read more about it here:

@melvin your 360NoScopes rate will grow at an exponential rate now!

I bought my first gaming chair and it arrives today and I'm so exited!!! I hope it will fix some of the back problems I'm experiencing when sitting behind a desk for a long time.

Did someone die?

Oh no it's just Wikipedia being Wikipedia.

The real value add of Mastodon is giving everyone an excuse to finally put something on all the weird domains they've been squatting

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