@sl007 very interesting article

We once had a system of 1M users that was literally called the 'troll box'

As a pilot, we introduced a moderation system that included economic incentives for good/helpful content. And a table for those that were the most helpful

Your nick would get color coded if you were a helpful person. Almost overnight it went from trolling/shilling most of the time to become a helpful community

Maybe I tool I'd like to build one day for the fediverse to see if it works

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@melvincarvalho @sl007

Well smearing Mastodon doesn't seem to be very helpful. Did nota learn much from the article sadly.

Agree that development is stale, and user end tools for filtered should be improved (lists suck).

Regarding your proposal the issue with creating a sort of social credit system is it becomes a struggle for who controls the criteria. Even if it's a mob, the most vocal group would take the upper hand.

@jcast @sl007 our system was not federated, so it was a single user base, for which it worked surprisingly well

So I think each instance has its own criteria. However social credit can also provide a glue between instances, which is what we made it for

Never got to try it out as our pilot community was acquired by a larger company and they removed the troll box part

It was popular tho, and in daily use for years. But, always wanted to experiment with federated reputation...

@melvincarvalho @jcast

I see.
“However social credit can also provide a glue between instances, which is what we made it for”

Yesterday I had a meeting with @redchrision because Cristina said
“so when you as an admin were peering with another instance you are showing your set of values, and if that other instance believes that they are sharing those values, that instance can peer with you”

If you want to talk with us on about “wanted to experiment with federated reputation” would be nice.

@jcast @melvincarvalho

Yeah. Agreed. Unfortunately blocked by E. myself.
We invented them to all official events, also the 1 I payed myself, rented a watertower. Also we do not determine keynote speakers directly but “invited more” than we had at

But if active users on the flagship instance drop 64.000 -> 19.000 within 12 months, maybe something wrong ?

Work with me on solutions we as users can do:

Meeting in 90 mike:

@melvincarvalho @sl007

Moderation must be improved in a way that doesn't enable cancel culture and become more transparent in all social media, Mastodon included.

As different culture come together in the same platforms, content acceptability criteria will shift due to the its differences. Tools for handling that should ideally be more on the user side, in order not to create a globally accepted sterile monoculture.

@jcast @sl007 agree

Each community will have its own criteria, and values

The issue of mismatch of values is obviously a common problem

There is no one size fits all, but some lines must never be crossed

Much of this was predicted in the 60s by Marshall McLuhan, in his book, 'War and Peace in the Global Village'. The prediction being the 'retribalization' of mankind

It may be that different communities or affinities naturally form their own 'tribes' with their own rules etc.

@melvincarvalho @jcast @sl007
I spec'd out a thing like this in the past. Kind of like a marketplace for posts, voting is similar to taking a position. Operators of an instance serve as a sort of "central bank" for that instance, but instances federate global % of voting power assigned to each post, so reputation is fractal.

@melvincarvalho @jcast @sl007
The hardest part for me was automating the buying and selling because (almost) nobody wants to deal with entering and exiting market positions for every single meme they find amusing.

@cjd @jcast @sl007 this indeed is very hard! Also requires security considerations.

Fortunately our pilot community already had that infrastructure in place, so they basically designed and implemented the whole thing in 2 days

One of our intentions was/is to build some open source infrastructure to make that much easier, and secure *WIP*

@melvincarvalho @cjd @sl007

There is a very advanced P2P community currency developed by the good people @duniter

be sure to check it out

@melvincarvalho @sl007

Yes, that sounds ideal, different communities, different values, transparent moderation rules (and data) and the choice to connect or not.

There are tribes and on a more basic level there are countries with a complex patchwork of evolving content moderation laws.

So transparency would include each instance publicly displaying, or being tagged based on mod rules and applicable laws and compliance compromises.

@jcast @melvincarvalho

1) ack

2) Exactly this. We begin with a funded fediverse in the EU where devs and content moderators are paid.
and <irony> about tribes I would wish some had more than 1 broken radio, internet maybe <i/rony>

3) yes.
And if big ActivityPub implementors would not do,
let there be
1 fediverse of trust
1 fediverse

@jcast @melvincarvalho

This begins with elected moderators and not with CEOs who are also chancellors and judges at the same time.

Just began thinking.

But then EU digital flagship week, now FOSDEM too.
And so I went on with doing mastodon advertising on EU and Parliament levels.
Also each day at the flagship events like etc.

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