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does mastodon have surveys i wanna ask people if they prefer their jokes explained or not but I want it to be scientific

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if you think about it Cato the Elder was the first person to have a forum signature

can someone please explain to me what BOFA is ..............

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gender is a scam invented by bathroom companies in the 1960's in order to sell more bathrooms


Fuck you wil for sullying the pure and beautiful memory of Wesley Crusher the best character on star trek

one thing I've learned from is that the human condition cannot be contained

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once the word "socialism" polls at 51% approval the revolution happens

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Idk what any of you are talking about but I have a hunch that it doesn't matter who Todd is or if his hog is flat or a gelatinous blob or whatever, because the truth is nobody can know the external Todd, we can only know the Todd in our own minds, and also every hog is temporary

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reminder for people starting school again:

check LibGen to see if they have free ebook versions of your textbooks! [or anything else you might want to read]

how does everyone on mastodon feel about marcy d'arcy, I hope it's: great

Okay I got an avatar I'm ready to be popular now

I haven't changed my avatar on Twitter for like the six years I've been on it and now I'm so anxious about choosing an avatar here what if I choose the wrong one

anyone made a toot that's like "lol I tooted" yet or nah


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