"The strength of a decentralized network here is in numbers–some servers will be blocked, some will comply, but not all. And creating new servers is easy."


@bob True enough, except Mastodon's reality is one of centralisation, not decentralisation yet, let alone given Eugen's stated benefits, the logical next step of distributedness. Currently 75% of Mastodon users on less than 1% of servers. How do we push towards a real longtail? zylstra.org/blog/2018/11/on-di

@ton @bob I would like to point to the new hype of Self-Sovereign Identity (). SSI seems related to , but in my opinion a Federated Identity can be seen as an SSI if you are your own Identity Provider in a federation. Such a trust framework (with a low level of trust, admittedly) conforms to standards and makes an SSI interoperable within the federation and linked environments.

@meneer @ton The trouble with identity in the fediverse at present is that it's tied to DNS. Really we need to move to nomadic identity based on keys, like Zap or SSB.

@bob @ton fediverse identity would be enough for now. DNS is a blocking factor, I agree, but we still need it on this internet.

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