My old 1 follows the younger Jolla C with the update to Sailfishos - the old phone almost 7 years of age and still supported 💪🏻

New browser engine in ... Long needed upgrade. In fact the browser was the only reason for me to stop using my .
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Running the latest Tooter app on my over 6 years old One phones with the latest version. There is still life left in this old device

Reinstalled the Tooter app on my tablet... is still alive 😁

Old tablet issue again, no progress bar while updating OS. But then again, how many tablets are alive worldwide?

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Upgraded my 1 phone to the latest version of . And even the 6 year old hardware makes for a fluent experience. Much better than my Moto G6 on current OS...

Now using the Twitter client on my tablet. Happy again :-)

Updating the tablet, running on an intel i486, is much quicker than on phone

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In case you were wondering about the blurred background on my tablet, it's an origami Crane bird

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Now updating to Saimaa, version (you have to enjoy every single release on )

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My tablet was kinda bricked a while back, don't know why, but reset to factory settings was so easy, ready to update again

New weekend task 😁
Today @planetcom2017 and jointly announce the availability of the official version of for the Gemini PDA. Read our partner's press release

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