Interesting collection of and books. (Bundle also contains Blockchain books, but of course you don't have to download those 😉)

En voor geïnteresseerden: de wiki draait op mijn eigen server die onderdeel is van de , het open source, gedistribueerde, gefedereerde sociale netwerk. en soevereiniteit gewaarborgd!

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Stelling: Een CIO moet ook kennis hebben van , en secure development...

re : I just mentioned as an alternative to big commercial platforms 😉

Delen is wel prima. Maarja, omdat ik in niet vertrouw, zijn mijn gegevens niet te delen.

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And it's politicians and politics blocking progress: they limit the use of unique identifiers because of fear of . But that's why we have the . A unique identifier is just an attribute. Not the id or authentication.

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Looking for a supporting secure e-mail solution? Here are some great alternatives. Free for personal use, but why not pay for professional use?

Redactie over Michiel Jonker, de OV-chipkaart en

Advies aan alle politici en wetgevers:
Brief Ministerie EZK aan de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens over KvK en de verstrekking van gegevens daaruit:

(h/t @BartSchellekens )

@meneer, het gaat nog niet goed met :

A not so obvious observation about Consent and : any consent given is only valid within that context. Suppose you agree on having you ID information used for a specific context, like in the context of healthcare when your doctor needs acces to you…

Lesson learned: Consent is all about Context meetup

Act now, before hits!
Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe, exclusive weekend offer in on March 23rd and 24th (1699,00 GBP), register NOW! the gold standard in information privacy training @PrivacyPros

Mooie blog over de verzamelwoede van de grote datagraaiers: "Datadrift – mede mogelijk gemaakt door uw overheid" - door

There is significant potential for abuse when protections in open data are insufficient or nonexistent.

"So, as we think about issues like algorithmic bias and building representative datasets, we also need to think about…

Ik kan me niet zoveel dagen herinneren dat het zo vaak en diepgaand over ging. Dank 😂

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