what Would your life and your path to recovery be like without self-doubt? ❣️

Depression is not “just sadness”, it’s an illness grounded in chemical imbalance. End the stigma. Get help today.❣️

You don’t have to get a cold to start taking your vitamins every day. You don’t have to get sick to start taking care of yourself. You don’t have to relapse to start taking yourself seriously. ❣️

Unhealthy attitudes towards going through hard times only contribute to the mental health stigma, making reaching out for help even harder. Take your struggles seriously, or they’ll never go away. ❣️

Positive steps for mental health. Be sure to incorporate these into your daily life. ❣️

Have a bad day. Be sad. Fall apart. It’s ok to not be ok, as long as you don’t give up... ❣️

It’s not about being brave for the world, it’s about being brave for ourselves. ❣️

There’s always something you can do for someone who’s struggling. ❣️

Replacing the old tapes with new:

“Every adult human has them. Those voices in the back of your consciousness silently telling you of your worth. The tapes are recorded by your parents, teachers, and friends and can never be erased. If you are lucky, they tell you that you are lovely, intelligent and worthy of love.However, if you grew up in a traumatic home, those old tapes tell you things that no one should ever say to a child.”


So this is what it looks like... it’s ok if you don’t; even those without mental illnesses don’t always have theirs. Just do your best every single day so you can look back a year from now and see how far you’ve come. ❣️

The power of self-care is that it can also be extended to simply “care”. ❣️

When you feel like giving up, look at how far you’ve come. Be strong, don’t give up. You can go so much further.❣️

If you struggle with intrusive thoughts, you’re not alone. It’s not YOUR thought, you don’t have to act on it or feel responsible for it. Just stop and let it pass. ❣️

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