“I’m turning 30 years old”
- boring
- just sounds like you’re old

“I have witnessed 30 winters”
- epic
- mysterious
- wise
- enduring

Saw a tumblr post warning people that twitter might do the same thing as tumblr to artists, which yes, they very well might. The fediverse should prepare to accept new users, more art-themed servers might be good.

Please may I keep my body heat I made it myself it took a lot of work

I say this as a cis dude. Using another person's proper pronouns costs us _nothing_. It's just common courtesy.

Refusing to do so just makes you an asshole. The math isn't complicated on this one.

I want to acquire a vast income so I can pay my friends a living wage to do good things.

due to popular demand i will now beat my own ass

OH MY GOD. isn't even out yet and I'm already looking forward to the inevitable fanvids set to "Black Sheep" from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - the lyrics are even pretty on-the-nose....

New users, since it's come up: please remember that Mastodon is not a corporate entity like Tumblr or Twitter. The specific server mastodon.social, in fact, is owned and operated by one person, who sets the rules for the server. If you don't like the rules here (which you can find at mastodon.social/about/more ), there are many, many other servers on the fediverse - each run by an individual or group, some of them running their own software! - that might be more to your tastes.


Gender reveal parties will never not be weird. "How am I going to indoctrinate the baby into a gender role?? *drumroll* "

but like we are reporting MAPs here right? can we collectively agree on that?

As a note to our new tumblr friends, the fediverse is a primarily volunteer-run thing with the admins paying for all the server costs out of their own pockets

If you'd like to chip in towards keeping the fediverse running then most admins have patreon or kofi links somewhere that you can throw a couple of bucks at from time to time

Tumblr: Can't be horny on main anymore guys!
Y'all: Time to pack it up boys

Ivor chilling with a hat on..such wholesome content im bringing you guys


1. "mastodon" is a piece of software that runs on a server. There's a lot of servers that run it & u can follow ppl on other servers.

2. When u follow someone from another server, your server receives their toots.

3. The federated TL is all public toots that the server receives, ie all of the toots from everyone that ppl on your server follow.

4. ERGO: if u want to see more toots in the fed TL, follow + get other ppl on your server to follow ppl from other servers!

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