The notion of intellectual property is a symptom of the West’s lack of confidence in itself. Rather than innovate to stay ahead, we spend our money on lawyers to take down those who would dare create something too similar to ours.

Compare this to China, who has no notion of copyright, and thus has no choice but to continuously put all its energy into innovation to succeed.

Work in progress on a ten second piece called ‘The Death of Cleopatra’

Imagine if every time you felt like you were ripped off you could just back up and do a hard fork

my machine here has 16 logical cores, and countless other illogical ones

We’re launching a new library! Lip Gloss is like CSS for layout and style on the Terminal. Check it out and let us know what you think.

🚀 Lip Gloss, a CSS-like layout library for your terminal apps 🚀

Featuring the cutest project mascot 🥰

Announcing a new open-source project in a few hours, and I'm already getting all excited about it!

It got the cutest logo, promised 🥰

I never thought I'd have a job that would have me searching the internet for "cool unicode symbols"

💎 Gembro is a mouse-driven Gemini browser written in Bubble Tea. We loved it so much we made our own Gemini capsule.

Try ’em both!
gembro gemini://

Only eight languages left!

Here are the quarterfinals of the 3rd Programming Language World Championships!

Good news, everyone!

Installing duf (the better df alternative) on Ubuntu and various other distros is now as easy as running:

sudo snap install duf-utility

Schedule your clandestine international business meetings the smart way: on the command line. tz (by @oz) is a lovely TUI for displaying the time across a multiple time zones at once.

🧋Built with Bubble Tea!

Updated the little tz program (0.4) which now correctly support light or dark terminal themes (thanks @meowgorithm).

📦 Just released: 🌟 Glow v1.4.0

This release contains a few small, helpful features as well as some bug fixes.

For details, see the release notes:

If Bob Ross were a programmer, he would probably be using termenv for his happy little CLI accidents.

In other news, termenv v0.8.0 is out!

More here:

📦 Just released, 🧋 Bubble Tea 0.13.0

This release adds headless support, allowing Bubble Tea apps to double as daemons (or whatever else you'd like, really).

There are a bunch of other nice updates, too. For details see the release notes:

Out now: httpit is a rapid http(s) benchmark tool built on fasthttp and Bubble Tea. Get ready to pummel your web servers for all their worth! 🥊

📦 Just released, 🧋 Bubble Tea 0.12.5

This release makes input “just work” when stuff is piped into your Bubble Tea programs. So pipe away!

For details see the release notes:

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