#goreleaser just hit 10k stars on GitHub!

Thanks, everyone! 🙏 This is quite amazing... I never thought it would get this far 🤩

🧋 To celebrate we’re giving away Bubble Tea stickers! To request some just fill out the ol’ sticker request form:


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🤯 Bubble Tea just hit 10k stars on GitHub!! We’re SO happy you love TUIs as much as we do! 🤗


💓 Can you keep Musshi alive? Amazing little game built on top of Bubble Tea and Wish, part of this year's Ludum Dare:

ssh dir.charm.sh -p 2227

💘 We’re smitten with this tutorial by @inngest on how (and why!) to build TUIs with Bubble Tea. If you’re curious about building a TUI this is a perfect place to get started.


Here’s a little BTS our 3K Blender scene. It's open source and yours to deconstruct, edit, and have fun with 💫


💫 Just shipped: Wish v0.3.1, which makes it easier to broadcast messages to Bubble Tea! Wish now includes Bubble Tea Middleware containing a tea.Program handle for easy message sending.


🤩 Our projects just crossed 30k stars on GitHub! Thank you so much to our community and developers who have built with our tools 🙏

In honor of the event, we’ve created a new repo where we plan to open source all of our 3D models. Come check out Runway!


⚡ In addition to CLI stuff we love playing with 3D technologies. Here’s a GPU-melting #octanerender done in #cinema4d with #xparticles 🥵🫠


🕶️ A snippet from our Changelog interview. Your privacy is more important that our business metrics! We don't put telemetry in our apps or any form of tracking. We support anonymous use, self-hosting and all of your data is encrypted end-to-end before it hits our servers.


🚨 Free Swag Alert 🚨

We're giving away charm holographic stickers! Leave a comment if you'd like a couple of stickers and we'll DM you to sort logistics 👌

This evening my two-year-old son said to me, “Dada, I want to drink lait de coco.” Behold, the power of French disco.

Made this procedural shader in Blender tonight while totally procrastinating other tasks. I still can't get over what a wonderful piece of open source software Blender is.

⚡ We're making it official, @caarlos0 is joining Charm! Carlos has made awesome contributions to a lot of our projects and we're extremely excited to have him join the team full-time. Read more on his blog, and long live open source!


💥 Hello command line fans! Today we're launching our new ecosystem of apps and libraries, designed to make developing and using the CLI more fun and powerful. Follow the thread for the details 👇

Me pondering my new trackball purchase because I am not used to it and it feels uncomfortable

🖲️ #orb #pondering #trackball

I'm constantly impressed how much faster and more stable Blender is compared to the commercial 3D tools I use. @Blender, you’re wonderful.

📦 Just released: 🧋 Bubble Tea v0.18.0

This release includes
@fribbledom’s new lossless ANSI compressor, which speeds up rendering both locally and over the wire.

There’s more stuff too: check out the release notes.


📦 Just released: 🧋 Bubble Tea v0.15.0

This release makes it really easy to send messages to Bubble Tea programs from other libraries. It also opens up programs to more types of terminal input, such as PTYs over SSH.

Happy coding!


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