There's a 100% chance that everyone who claimed "another Joss Whedon movie" made them the "REAL victims" of Autumn Snyder's suicide will shell out to go see JUSTICE LEAGUE anyway.

@ladyvader99 Hey how do I join the comics instance?

Still very new to this!

Someone do my clueless self a favor and tell me if we all move to a comics-specific instance, please.

I need to do a better job of updating my website, but paid work takes precedence.

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Hey maybe I should intro. My name is my username (there isn't an @ in front of it irl, BUT THERE SHOULD BE)

I am a writer, comedian, & social media manager. Most of my Twitter time is spent on @Comicexperience, where I also blog. I help out with marketing at Station Theater and perform regularly, mostly as a member of the improv troupe I'm Just Happy to be Here. And I'm the voice of Talis in the audio drama Splintered Caravan (iTunes/Stitcher) for a list of everything.

BTW, I'm donating all sales this month of my KICKSTARTER SECRETS ebook to the Hispanic Federation for Puerto Rico hurricane relief. Check it out:

I wish comedy Twitter migrated as quickly over here as comics Twitter!

Nudo's Law: The first few posts to a new platform will always be about the new platform.


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