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I’m on an unplanned break from Mastodon and social media in general. But I’m sometimes thinking of starting again. As you can guess from this post 🙂

Here's the first in a series I'll attempt to be persistent at. It's an #improvisation and wholly #ambient. Well, depending on your idea of ambient, of course. No preparation, just big fun.

#music #drone #DroneMusic #AmbientGuitar

My New Year Resolution list included "exercise". I'm happy to say I have now done it, and ticked it off my list.

Looks like I'm working on a second album. So far I have only a draft and it might take a lot of time to finalise it, but it's a start.

"Love Amazonia"

is a non-profit compilation bringing together electronic artists from around the world to support indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest affected by the COVID19 pandemic, illegal deforestation, industrial farming, oil exploration, mining and unlawful occupation of their ancestral territories.

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I'm fascinated by auto sampling. I'm amazed that it's possible to send MIDI or CV to a sound module, record the audio and automatically transform it into a standalone sampled instrument.

Protests in Poland 

My country 🇵🇱 is restricting abortion laws, a decision I oppose. People from the music industry worldwide, including
Anne-Marie, Zara Larsson, and others, are already bringing attention to this issue. More context:

I'm part of Ambient Compilation Project. It's an album with ambient tracks from different musicians and you can listen to it here: communitymodularelectronic.ban

So many apps and web pages feature ads, tracking, annoying UI or similar. I’m happy we have user friendly places like .

I’m experimenting with audio only live streaming on Twitch and I’m enjoying it a lot. Here’s the most recent session, uploaded to youtube with a little bit of mastering and a weird ffmpeg audio visualisation.

Long shot, but one of my fiends / ex-colleague is in limbo regarding jobs, she is awesome at @rstats and anything related to #OpenScience, #FAIRData, image analysis and processing, and #bioinformatics. If you hear about anything in and around #Meanjin / #Brisbane, or remote, please let me know.
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Hey ! I want to share my youtube channel with all of who see this ;)


I've got a lot of unreleased audio and I'd like to prepare an EP out of it. I just can't get started on this because I prefer making more tracks 🙃

I now kind of want to try making a music discovery website, especially one that targets beginner artists.

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I realised that by “using social media as an artist” I mean mostly “artist self promotion”. I wish there was a way to make this fun; not efficient / easy / fast / etc, just fun.

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I don't really know how to use social media as an artist. I'm also an introvert with the charisma of a confused herring. Are there any ways to make social media more fun?

I'm still alive and well and I keep recording sounds. Maybe I'm more busy than usual. In any case I should find time to publish some of my recordings here. I hope I'll be able to do this .

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