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Hey ! I want to share my youtube channel with all of who see this ;)


I've got a lot of unreleased audio and I'd like to prepare an EP out of it. I just can't get started on this because I prefer making more tracks 🙃

I now kind of want to try making a music discovery website, especially one that targets beginner artists.

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I realised that by “using social media as an artist” I mean mostly “artist self promotion”. I wish there was a way to make this fun; not efficient / easy / fast / etc, just fun.

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I don't really know how to use social media as an artist. I'm also an introvert with the charisma of a confused herring. Are there any ways to make social media more fun?

I'm still alive and well and I keep recording sounds. Maybe I'm more busy than usual. In any case I should find time to publish some of my recordings here. I hope I'll be able to do this .

Hey people of the Fedi, do YOU know anyone doing visual art who would like to help organize a contest for beginning artists (to be held this fall)?

Volunteer needed for a (paid, tho not a ton of money!) position to help draft contest/submission rules, line up judges, and streamline the submission process. This is the second year the contest has been held, and it's expected that it'll be pretty light in terms of duties/time commitment.

Boosts extremely welcome!

This time some noise; recorded yesterday.

Quite different from what I usually do, apparently it was time for some weird sounds.

Apparenty it's possible to dynamically modulate filter parameters. This way my previous video could e.g. change colours or generate even weirder shapes. But the setup looks complex, I'm not sure I'd be able to do it.

Album idea: experimental but very organised. Basically, weird sounds structured in an unusual way; like but with notes.

I don't have access to my synth at the moment, so there won't be any recording sessions in the next days.

It feels good to take a break. Also, I've just released an album, so it feels appropriate to pause for a while.

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