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Longer version of a clip from my last session. For a timelapse of building this patch see my previous post. Cropped and trimmed to work around file size limits.

30 minute jam compressed into one minute. I’ve started from scratch and compiled short snippets from each stage. I plan to upload a longer clip, an end result from this session, sometime later.

Also, I have a tripod now; if this video is stabilised, it’s because of that. Then again, I’ve hit the tripod a couple of times while filming, so it’s still shaky here and there.

Playing with sequencer state changes; the orange lights show which notes are enabled. Also, I really enjoy this cartoony effect; it’s probably not my last clip like this.

I’m giving a try. Day one feels weird, also because I’m starting from a fresh account. Follow me there at . And reply here with your profile URL because I want to follow you too.

I'm exhausted tonight, so I'm calling it quits early. I did try to make some untse-untse-ish stuff, not sure what to call it, but it was pleasant to play:

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I haven't heard acid ambient before; it was a nice surprise; link if you're feeling adventurous:

Anyone knows of good resources to learn to make drum tracks/beats? I'm interested in theory - understanding why things work (or don't) and how they work. Can be online, but books are good to. Doesn't have to be free, as long as it's good 🙂

#music #musique

I’m on an unplanned break from Mastodon and social media in general. But I’m sometimes thinking of starting again. As you can guess from this post 🙂

Here's the first in a series I'll attempt to be persistent at. It's an #improvisation and wholly #ambient. Well, depending on your idea of ambient, of course. No preparation, just big fun.

#music #drone #DroneMusic #AmbientGuitar

My New Year Resolution list included "exercise". I'm happy to say I have now done it, and ticked it off my list.

Looks like I'm working on a second album. So far I have only a draft and it might take a lot of time to finalise it, but it's a start.

"Love Amazonia"

is a non-profit compilation bringing together electronic artists from around the world to support indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest affected by the COVID19 pandemic, illegal deforestation, industrial farming, oil exploration, mining and unlawful occupation of their ancestral territories.

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