Care to share how you did that with ffmpeg? I use it for mundane tasks and simple visualizations.

@flavigula Short version, this is mostly:

ffmpeg -i input.wav \
-filter_complex \
"avectorscope= \
mode=polar: \
zoom=6: \
draw=dot: \
size=800x600, \
frei0r=vertigo:0.01|1.1, \
frei0r=pr0file" \
-map 0:a output4.mp4

I started writing a longer reply and ended up with this blog post: merely.xyz/#ffmpeg-tutorial Hope this helps!


This is excellent. Thanks for taking the time to create it.

@merelysounds Thank you for your post about the visualization effect ... I'd love to dig into it more later because the connection of art to sound is something that interests me ...

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