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This time some noise; recorded yesterday.

Quite different from what I usually do, apparently it was time for some weird sounds.

Apparenty it's possible to dynamically modulate filter parameters. This way my previous video could e.g. change colours or generate even weirder shapes. But the setup looks complex, I'm not sure I'd be able to do it.

Album idea: experimental but very organised. Basically, weird sounds structured in an unusual way; like but with notes.

I don't have access to my synth at the moment, so there won't be any recording sessions in the next days.

It feels good to take a break. Also, I've just released an album, so it feels appropriate to pause for a while.

More codes for my upcoming melodic ambient album. Redeem at:


The album goes live in just 2 weeks!

This online implementation of a TR-808 drum machine is pure fun. If you like drum machines, check it out:

First blog post, "Goals for recording":

Some thoughts about what helps me stay in the flow when recording new tracks.

Also, an update to my homepage - it finally has a "blog" section.

My old keyboard broke down and now I have a new one. At the same time I decided to try a new text editor (trying spacemacs as a vim user). And I wanted to write a blog post.

Predictably, there is no blog post, I got stuck on the first sentence.

There might be a blog post in a hopefully not too distant future.

And here are some codes for early access, redeem at:

- 96be-eah7
- z3xb-3bp5
- 596f-x5al

Let me know if you were too late to grab a code, I'll send a new one.

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My 1st album ("Album - 200226") goes live on May 19th, on streaming services and Bandcamp. It took me a lot of work to finish it. And honestly, there are lots of better albums out there. Still, it's my milestone and completing it brings me lots of joy.

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