24hr Wii Sports bowling streaming service

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How to Become a Singer Even if Your Parents Don't Want You to

I almost forgot that stupid corporate accounts like to try to be funny on social media. Thanks Popeyes for ending brief moment of happiness for me.

Ya, I couldn’t do it. Bitch ass swimming teacher wouldn’t allow it.

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Should I buy and wear some slutty ass pinky swimsuit to my swimming class?

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No bra, no panties, holiday espectacular

I saw this... now you should have permanent fear of trees too.

Can anyone post the 30-50 feral hogs meme in FarmersOnly and see what happens?

I need some Mastodon to cleanse myself from twiter dot com.

I’m running out of patience with these goddammed centrists.

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Kids, don’t forget to say piss and thank you.

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