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The Italian Olympic shooting team compeating in Tokyo 2020. 🥇

brilliant new idea: we outlaw business, you can't do business no more, everyone caught doing business will be reported to antifa.

Remember those those really verbose online-comics with few panels that everyone pretended to like and where not funny at all?
me neither.

You’re right mom; I love PAPA INDIA TANGO OSCAR.

@rigatonimonster Which makes Joker's full name be: Joker Joker. know, Mario-style

Extremely cursed “gay” media news article 

Welp. Maybe we DON’T deserve rights.

Also, pink news is trash… and not news.

Are you just gonna scroll past without wishing a happy birthday to our biggest boy???

TFW you’re the darkest skinned person in the room.

Left-wing "conspiracies": The CIA has done this in the past, it is doing it again.

Right-wing conspiracies: the (insert minority group here) did it, because we hate them.

Libs and anarkiddies: these two are the same to me.

Expropriating stuff I saw on online. Part 1: Anti-Gusano Action.

PS. IDK what "this American left" is.

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