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I know that mr Seuss made some wrong in the past, but I'd give him a second chance, dude seems alright.

why should I care about your opinon if you prefaced it with 'as a [blank]...'

Do yall use a password manager?????? if so, which one do you recommend?

I've heard a lot about the jockstrap, but what about the nerdstrap?????


@zorotl me: oh no this is awful.
Also me (10 seconds ago):

I can’t bare it anymore... I’m gonna inject myself with five marihuanas

I think it's time they do a Smash 4 and try to collab with another studio, like why don't ask one the Breath Of The Wild boys how they did it, or any of the 10000 studios that make open-world 3D adventure games.

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Gotta say: Pokemon Legends Arceus looks so cool but is clear that Game Freak doesn't know how to make 3D games. Like, even the trailer looks so choppy, like is that 5 fps?????

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