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Is there an effort by the open source community to make FOSS compatible (and take advantage) of the ARM architecture???

given that the industry seems to be headed in that direction.

Bolivia’s coup government is privatizing it’s lithium. Hate to say it, but I told you so.

Fuck capitalism. It is the cancer of the world.

Real talk, if we ban rent, like TODAY, what could be the worse that could happen. My guess is that the crash of the housing market will have the positive side effect of dropping housing to affordable levels again, but I think that is a waaay too naive estimation.

is America going to enter the _Cool Zone_ ???

“Estamos mal, pero estamos mejor, porque antes estábamos bien pero era mentira. Y ahora estamos mal pero es verdad” - anónimo.

Frase encontrada en las pintas de Chile 🇨🇱

The right has been so successful because they truly adhere to "the enemy of my enemy is my friend",
While we on the left are like "the enemy of my enemy is still my fucking enemy"

How I'm I not supposed to have daddy issues if my dad it's constantly believing dumb ass right wing conspiracy theories :/

is there such a thing as a good and free VPN? or are those things mutually exclusive?

IDK about you but Tankies are A-OK with me

I want a boyfriend named Seymour so I can be all like: _🎶 Feed Me Seymour! FEED MEE! 🎶_

getting pretty tired of these trigger-happy cancel-boys

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