@brogepi I did notice the typo. But I’m gonna keep it.

@finn oh, we’re back in that piss trend again?

It doesn’t matter what kind of hipster or snob you are, we can all use a buzzfeed quiz from time to time.

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@georgespolitzer Today at the 100% real no bullshit no fake-news-media totally legit news:

Tall boi cool, wsj cowers in leftist cringe something something

And the only woman in the debate is pro-life 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤨🤣🤣

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My local tv is hosting an (almost) all male debate on abortion. This people are beyond parody.

another from my collection of cool aesthetic things I stole from reddit:

Ok, it didn’t happen, but it didn’t not happen. Basically the vote will be postponed because the supreme court noted some errors in the proposal. Hope they continue soon. Human right to control one’s body shouldn’t denied any longer.

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the Mexican supreme court will decide today on the constitutionality of abortion (more specifically on the state laws that punish and prevent abortion). Which won't fully legalize it, but is a step in the right direction. Hope they make the right decision.

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This Havana Club Rum commercial turned out to be a moving glimpse into the realities of people living in Cuba. Yes, it's biased propaganda (all media is, Havana Club is co-owned by the government) but still, seeing Cuba portrayed positively in media that is this well produced and not explicitly political is a beautiful sight to behold. 🇨🇺


IDK bout you, but all my friends are hot

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