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Who was the brilliant asshole that convinced Americans that freedom equals exemption from responsibility???

1. Decides to make pizza.
2. Posts about it on instagram
3. Instagram: (violates my privacy like it’s nothing)

If my dad says things are going bad, that means that they are going well

Viva Castro,
Viva Evo,
Viva Lula,
Viva Lopez Obrador

And remember kids, no matter how dire the situations may look, no matter how hopeless you might feel, no matter how impossible it may seem... always, ALWAYS, fight for communism, we will be there fighting with you.

What happens when you build a P L A T F O R M instead of a company, you get all the benefits of being a company without any of the responsibility, see Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, Youtube, and dare I say, Instagram

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Remember when all y'all pussies said that 2019 sucked...

(yes, that includes me)

anyone here with copyright law knowledge that would know could be the worst thing that could happen if, lets say as an example...
someone where to create a streaming platform where users could upload & whatch Bootleg theater shows and musicals for free ???????
asking for a friend

Grindr @ quarantine: I don’t want to fuck, I just want the attention.

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