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My search on hashtags like or leads to manageable results. Aren't there any seismologists out there?

I'm currently developing a near-realtime display of seismic data recorded with our MacroSeismicSensor network. For testing I needed a software to feed archived seismic data into a near-realtime data flow. I've found this great tool which saved me a lot of time:

More about the MacroSeismicSensor network:

I've used the last warm autumn day yesterday to go out skateboarding and collecting some photos for my Skateboard Architecture series.

Take a look at the whole series:

An example of the created sound texture of one day recorded August 30, 2012. On that day, a strong earthquake has been recorded by our network.

More sounds:

I have just published a short article on sonification of a seismic data set on my homepage. We have monitored a glacier lake outburst flood in Greenland. I have started with the creation of a sound texture using the long term ambient seismic noise.

Read more and listen to the sounds here:

Collected another temporal freeze-point of St.Marx DIY. I think I'll go there again today to fill some last gaps that I've missed the last time.

Finished the computation of the Lemming Bowl point cloud. It's looking good. Check for more information.
Today I'm planning to visit St.Marx DIY to get some photos of the modified spot. Waiting for some cloud cover to get a good lighting...

Used my stay at to take photos of the Lemming Bowl for my Skatespot Conservation project using SFM/MVS. The sparse reconstruction is looking good.

When staying in a place with many creative people it's always difficult not to drift away. I should not forget, that I'm collecting data and finding ways to share it.

Setup my place for the next 10 days at . Today's task: setup and shape noise with the PSD of ambient noise.

Preparing the data for . Copying lots of data for sonification. Here's a one-week view of the power-spectral density of a glacier lake outburst flood. It started at ca. hour 145 in this plot. I've got the data from May to end of October as a basis for my sound experiments. Looking forward to hearing the glacier move.

Preparing for ( starting next week. I'm going to explore the soundscapes of seismic datasets using and .io.

There's still a lot to prepare. I'm currently extracting a set of samples from events of a glacier lake outburst flood. How to reduce ca. 1 million events to a manageable samplebank .... I don't know yet.

this is the first time that Mertl Research is taking part in a social network. Thanks for providing this possibility, which goes along with my conception of how the internet should be used.

Looking forward to new experiences and trying not to get lost..


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