1.0.0 is live in the App Store!

Metatext is a free, open source Mastodon client for iOS. It remembers your home timeline position, has a searchable emoji picker, and many more great features.

A big thanks to all beta testers! Expect an update with a Japanese translation courtesy of @noellabo soon!

@noellabo @metabolist thanks you for the quick boost button improvement in the new beta. Works perfect got me, now I can perfect spot whenever I did boost it or not.

@metabolist Excelent! Looks good, works fine.
Is there a fast gesture to switch accounts?

@metabolist Works fine. It‘s slightly small and slow.
I immaged, it could be done by tribble touch swipe rigth/left.
But as i never use the local- or federated timeline,
it would be good to have this tabs for accounts.

@metabolist Congrats on that! It's a beautiful piece of coding, totally in love with it from the first time i saw it.

@metabolist Nice and powerful client. And it's open source. Thank you for it!
Are you plaining a native client for MacOS?

@dirondin @metabolist I tried building it in Catalyst and it does work but it’s slow and the UI is not something I’d be proud of shipping. I believe you can use it on an M1 Mac but I don’t have one to try it out

@jzzocc @dirondin @metabolist How did you get that installed? Couldn't find it in app store on the Mac. Haven't tried installing ipad app on Mac before.

@ruud @jzzocc @metabolist Yes. I couldn't find it either (don't know why). I opened a direct link to the app in the store in Safari, then clicked View in the Mac App Store and then Get / Install.

@metabolist Thank you so much this client is amazing! Seriously the best mastodon client on iOS by far!

@metabolist now there's a client after I just bought an Android.

@metabolist Hey Tusky doesn't want you to @ them, they only want people to use the #tusky

@metabolist ❤️

PS I love #tusky and I don't think I will be trying anything else...

I'm so impressed, I wish I coded or something, so I could contribute.

@metabolist hello, first if all, thank you for the app!
Second, is it already good to use on an iPad? Or it's designed for iPhones?

@metabolist Вау, только релизнулся, и работает сходу лучше остальных клиентов. Это новый фаворит для ios :blobcatthumbsup:

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