Very glad to see so much interest in translating . Interested in seeing which localization management software the community likes most:

@metabolist voted other since so far I translated with a textedit 😄

@grimneko @metabolist thank you for that, but I have doubts about how sustainable that technique is lol

@jzzocc @metabolist with the new experience of translating Metatext I tend to agree that something more specialized is better. So far it was smaller language files (up to 100 lines) and a simpler format (no dict file).

By the way... I can translate to Polish if You say me how to do. @metabolist

@jaczad that would be great, it will likely be easier for you once I set up a localization system

@jaczad given the way the poll is going I’ll probably set up Weblate sometime within the next week, I’ll keep you posted

Hey @jzzocc ,
Loved #Metatext ! And I just finished all Simplified Chinese translations. Anything else I can help push it into future releases?
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