Important safety tip: Don't trust web-based composition windows.

Just spent all afternoon writing something huge, proofread it twice, hit publish, and... Patreon said, "What post?"


It's possible this is especially a problem with a tab you already had open in your browser. So, you know, the stuff you work on for two days.

My clipboard still had the lost post summary:
"If rewards influence player action, then we need to think hard about what player action we want to encourage and about what our rewards do to the game world."

@pagrus How can I be such a callow fool after so many years on the web?

This is why I've got Scrivener, for cryin' out loud. Ugh. It'll be better when I re-write it someday, I suppose, but I certainly don't have the stomach or the hours for it now.

@metagrrrl Yeah I write everything to a md or txt file nowadays, then copy paste after committing to a git repo.

It sounds like I’m joking, doesn’t it? I have become a caricature of myself

@allaboutgeorge I know better than that, that's what makes it worse. Ah well.

At least it wasn't anything anyone else was expecting me to deliver.

And it has been years since I did that, far as I can recall.

And yet, gah!

@metagrrrl @allaboutgeorge I have become a 100% Notes-and-iCloud convert for this reason; everything gets hammered out in a private note before the first draft goes into a web textbox. Sorry you lost a thing. :(

@migurski @allaboutgeorge Maddening, but I know I'll hammer it out better the next time—in a safer writing space!

Thanks! :) 📝💖

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