We did our family Thanksgiving Zoom today & it was so nice to see everyone!

We didn't try to have a meal together, just talked about this & that. Some deep & important, some entirely trivial. No it wasn't the same as in person, but we felt connected.

And no one had to drive anywhere or do a ton of cleaning or shopping.

Most important of all, no one had to increase anyone's risk of catching COVID-19.

It's easy to be thankful for your family & yourself. Stay home, stay distant, stay safe.


- start earlier in the day when people's energy is higher (say, noon)
- plan on the first 15-25 minutes being folks slowly joining the call & getting tech issues sorted out
- if someone isn't there by 15 or 20 minutes in, call them on the phone; it's 2020, who even remembers what day it is, right?
- set a time limit (I said not going past 3pm)
- encourage people to come at the start & then either take a break & come back, or just stay as long as feels good for their Zoom tolerance

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- We expected about 45-60 minutes of everybody interacting once we got past the setting up, but we had a good time & it wound up being half again that before folks began dropping off
- even though you didn't have to do the driving / cooking / cleaning, it's more work to have quality time over Zoom; you're still doing a major social event of the year & you will still be tired afterwards
- don't expect more of yourself than you would on any other Thanksgiving. Take a holiday. ❤️

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