Hey, if you've been putting off preventative tests, like an annual mammogram or routine blood work, that's not a health sacrifice you need to make.

I'm immunosuppressed, taking about the same precautions as someone who had a transplant or as the parents of a newborn.

Here's my approach:
- Schedule for the least busy time of day; for the first appointment of the day if you can get there for it.
- Check-in online, ask questions in advance by phone.
- Wear a new N95 mask (or at least KN95)
- ...


- Set up for success with food and drink early enough before the appointment that I'll be calm, hydrated, and less likely to need the bathroom away from home.
- Get someone who loves me to drive so I can get there and home as quickly and safely as possible. (would be masked, windows open if not already in my germpod).
- Hand sanitizer, COVID-killing wipes, AND proper handwashing.
- Long strapped shoulder bag so I don't have to set anything down on doubtful surfaces.

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