Perhaps in these trying times you could use a movie so absurd and over-the-top fabulous that your mind is unable to retain its grip on worries. If so, have I got one for you: What A Way To Go! (1964)

Star-studded: Shirley MacLaine, Paul Newman, Robert Mitchum, Dean Martin, Gene Kelly, Dick Van Dyke, and Margaret Dumont.

Edith Head with a half-million dollar costume budget (in 1964 dollars!). MacLaine has 73 costume changes and each one is amazing.

Do you like ? Do you like miniature terrain for tabletop roleplaying games ? Do you like a whole bunch of illustrations from old manuscripts? Do you like someone boldly -ing a thing they've never made before in a material they've never used? Have I got a blog post for YOU!

eye contact, smiling :) and hope 

If you are taking and are worried about what it is doing to your face. Do not worry. It is temporary. Here is my moonface journey across four Julys: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. Your face is still there and you'll see yourself in the mirror again without having to squint. 💖

Anyone seen a display bug on macOS Catalina like this? Happening only in very complex browser-based app pages, but in multiple browsers.

As you can imagine, trying to find examples of something like this using the words blue and screen have not proved fruitful.

Well-dressed bird of the day: that consummate dandy, the White-crowned Sparrow. Simple style perfection. Sets a very, very high bar for sartorial elegance.

(Another great photo from Doug Greenberg.)

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Delicious "grain" bowl this morning with fregola pasta from the Good Eggs kitchen, mizuna greens from Hikari farms, chervil from Martin Bournhonesque, a limequat from Deer Creek Heights Ranch, an avocado from Stepladder Ranch, and a poached egg from St. John Family Farms.

It is GOOD to live where great food grows.

Very fancy today because of the unusual greens and pasta, but still less than $15 for a huge bowl that's enough for lunch and an afternoon snack.

So incredibly happy to be working with the great @spaceling for the project. The sketch of all the people is AMAZING!

Next stop: color.

So happy with the latest painted mini in our campaign. This is the Lissam undertaker/druid AyZora, painted by Astrid Bjørge.

What should you do DURING an ?

Drop (or Lock in a wheelchair), Cover, and Hold On.

DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE; the exterior of buildings can release decorative elements like wall tiles in a major quake and is more dangerous than inside.

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*reading news about flooding in Britain*
Oh my goodness. Poor folks. What a bother.
*does double take at photo*
What... what is on their wall? What kind of hunting trophies do they get in Cossington, Leicestershire?

Bwa ha ha!🤣
Today in 'pirating Dinah's books' news, a Google alert led me to a page which seems to be a phishing site. Please enjoy the sockpuppet conversation in the "comments" assuring visitors that it's totally safe to give your credit card number.

Inequality is a solvable problem; not hypothetically solvable, actually being solved on the extreme end. We have made huge progress that we need to learn from, amplify, and extend to reach more people.

Great details on the good work humanity has been doing and the challenges we're currently tackling in this latest goalkeepers report:

Do not miss the charts in the section titled "HEALTH AND EDUCATION ARE IMPROVING EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD". They blow apart misconceptions.

I first had my hair cut (very) short in 1997, never having had short hair before.
In late 2001, after its length varying for a few years, I let it grow long again.
In 2008 I began having it tidied to a medium-long look, but it didn’t make it above the shoulders until 2010—and then still well below the jaw.
My bob cut wandered up and down since then, but always covering my ears.
Well, feeling more well, and time for a change today:

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