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First they came for the "terrorists"
Then they came for the whistle blowers
Then they came for the journalists
Then they came for me

"Photo journalist in Bangladesh arrested for a Facebook post under the Section 57 of Bangladesh’s infamous Information and Communications Technology Act (ICT) which authorizes “the prosecution of any person who publishes, in electronic form, material that ... prejudices the image of the state or a person; ...”"

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I've been hearing a lot of prominent people speak about surveillance and privacy, but when I hear Richard Stallman talk about it, it really struck a chord with me.

"We need a law. Fuck them — there’s no reason we should let them exist if the price is knowing everything about us. Let them disappear. They’re not important — our human rights are important. No company is so important that its existence justifies setting up a police state. And a police state is what we’re heading toward."

growth... growth... growth...

need more planets!!!

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> but how will we afford [a humane society]?!
< do you mean, how will the goods and services get where they need to go?
< trains, mostly.

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But feels... more responsive and faster with mobile. And have the best offline behavior!

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"Objectivist ethics" be like...

When Ayn Rand Collected Social Security & Medicare, After Years of Opposing Benefit Programs

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Neoliberal capitalism's idea of the perfectly healthy economy is continually flat wages combined with continually rising rents.

That's not a bug. That's not a side effect. That's the desired optimal outcome.

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Mastodon Gestalt Timeline:


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Why was I stuck in traffic today?

Oh right, because GM bought up and destroyed almost all of America's streetcars

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"Smart" and networked proprietary devices should be very much called what they are: dystopian junk.

If you want a less polemic term, use "automated surveillance devices," but really all of these TVs, home assistants, toasters, fridges, smoke detectors, etc. are dystopian junk.

We need "low tech" appliances, and we need personal computing devices that are, by design, fully controllable by the people using them.

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Oooooooh yeah 😎
This is a sufficient desktop computer for most people.
Put two of these into every flat, mandatory 😉. One as desktop and entertainment center and one with ext HDD and #nextcloud or #seafile, #xmpp and #mastodon or #pleroma, music streaming etc.

In today's society, being introverted is turning into a disability that others can exploit for their profit.

is all about taking away what's already yours, repackaging it in colorful wrappers and selling it back to you at ridiculous prices.

If somebody's asking you to opt out of some data collection or the other, there are other more sinister things that they are not even telling you about that they're capturing.
I discontinue their service altogether in most cases.

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"Trading privacy for convenience is a bad bargain..."

Be diligent.

"We must keep fighting to make sure that in the future, it gets easier, and not harder, to defend our privacy—biometric or otherwise."

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If a government official claims AI can predict where and when crime will occur with "99% accuracy," you can be 100% sure that they're wrong.

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I'd consider a lot of new tech fashion products, esp. when they sacrifice utility for aesthetics.
What's the point of removing the headphone jacks or making a computer super thin at the expense of computing power?

Fashion. And the ability to sell what would've been shipped with the initial cost of the device as "accessories."

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Technology as expensive as smartphones should have replaceable batteries and be easily repaired by the people who bought the device. When you also consider the environmental impact of producing a smartphone or other electronic device, it should be made to last. Apple/Silicon Valley turned electronics into disposable fashion products.

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