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Robin is Trying New Things

Grand Illusions is hecka underrated. If a posh older gentleman reviewing toys sounds at all up your alley you should watch it:

Another drawing. I think it needs a layer of ink, but I kinda like it without.

Gonna use as an excuse to figure out the Chameleon markers that @sammmuh got me for Christmas.

In the spirit of , here's Pidwick the Small and Hedgy the Blind helping eachother out with patrol duty.

Did my first Myers-Briggs test in like, 10 years. It still takes work not to break the test.

Still an INTJ. But my Judging / Perceiving score is almost a tie. Which is significantly different from teenage Robin.

Just blocked a rando on G+ for posting right-wing conspiracy theories in the form of poorly made memes. I already get enough of that on Facebook. I don't need it leaking into my happy artist bubble too.

Finally got to play Cosmic Encounter again! Play of the game was a double negotiation win.
(Rules were unknowingly bent a little, but it was fun to watch)

(Also our Dantean epic has a demon fanfic writer who makes magic paper dolls. The requisite absurdity is present)

There's something about these properties, that make them different from like, Rice Boy, despite it having one of the best realized worlds in a comic, (and very cool non-human characters)

I'm really enjoying the growing subgenre of games and comics that's like: What if Homestuck but not your whole life.

To be clear, I think Homestuck is brilliant. But I was exhausted by chat logs before they even really got to the trolls or whatever.

But like Floraverse and Undertale? They have an entry-level experience I can keep up with, and still build up the layers of lore.

Kill Six Billion Demons is another one where you can feel that expanded lore and engaged fanbase.

Played around with the 3D printer at my local library today, making some pixel dice.
None of these are particularly "good", but each is an improvement over the last...