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What’s the best feature of GIF files? Well of course that you can display them on a Commodore 64.

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Today/tonite on aNONradio!

All times in UTC (PDT -7). The time is now 16:11 UTC

Dally Rhythm w/ @iiogama 1800-1900

Dubious Goals Committee w/ tob 1930-2000 *SPECIAL PYROCENTRIC EPISODE*

The Sound Show w/ mjt 2000-2100

Hardmous w/ @hardmous 2200-0100+1

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix w/ @snowdusk 0100-0200

OpenVoIP 0200-0300

OpenMic 0300-0600

Tune in:




Chat w/ the DJ+listeners on SDF COMMODE CHAT or IRC (irc.sdf.org) during the live show!

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Hello all! We have an Open Call to collaborate with ArtFutura London. For the interest of the London community, mainly!


- Since January 1990, ArtFutura, the festival of Digital Culture and Creativity, has explored the most interesting projects and ideas that have come upon the international panorama of New Media, Virtual Reality, Interactive Design and Digital Animation.

- ArtFutura 2019 London:
Saturday 30 November & Sunday 01 December.
Venue RichMix & Iklectik.

- ArtFutura festival presents a catalogue, an audiovisual program, performances, workshops and conferences.

- ArtFutura has now an Open Call for:
- Artist Talk (presenting your media works)
- Live AV Performance (including visuals and music)
- Workshop (developing tools for digital creativity)

- ArtFutura London is interested in growing the network of new media artists, scientists, coders, who are developing work on digital art, new media, media art, art, science and technology, computer graphics, live coding, motion graphics, game art, VR, AR, fractals, etc.

- If you are interested in participating at ArtFutura 2019 London please send us information about the piece, biography, high-resolution images for web, and contact details to laura@artfutura.org.

- Deadline Saturday 10 August 2019.


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Did you know?

Mars is the only known planet completely inhabited by robots.


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apparently #mobilizon got fully funded... finally there'll be a way to organize events on social media other than goddamn facebook!

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Thank you for tuning in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on aNONradio.net earlier! Also thank you for chatting with us during the live show! Pls check out the setlist here πŸ‘‡


If you missed the show you can still listen to the audio recording from the archives by clicking the link below!


I ended up playing a lot of #darkAmbien #synthwave #EBM #industrialRock tunez... kind of #cyberpunk ISH i think?? ✊πŸ’₯πŸ’»πŸ”₯

Tune in again tomorrow! πŸ™

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