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Next event im curating Sonic Electronics Thanks to Iklectik and the artists. Online streaming. Please join us!!!!

Jake Williams / Loula Yorke / Claude Heilland-Allen / Mika Motskobili / Laura Netz

Jake Williams

Loula Yorke

Claude Heiland-Allen

Mika Motskobili

Laura Netz
medial dark ages live performance


IKLECTIK TWITCH channel: twitch.tv/iklectik

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Today live av performance Ommatidia with mathr & netz fly vision algorithm visuals and handmade open source software/ hardware for an inclusive , partial and situated knowledge experience. At CUNAMEX school of arts science and technology. Live streaming. ommatidia.live/

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RT @thegallowboob
this forest noise amplifier is what my life has been missing

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We're proud to announce the first episode of the new @thepine64 Community #Podcast, PineTalk.

It's hosted by @Ezra and @linmob, who talk about how they got started with computers, PINE64 and FOSS in general for the first episode.

Go listen at pine64.org/pinetalk/

Welcome to the Abstract mix corner! Here you will find various mixes i’ve produced covering various genres including ambient, chillout, goa trance and techno.


Fantastic movie, filmed in 4:3 Black & White

The Lighthouse (2019) - IMDb

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Dear @kaidan developers and users, rejoice !

Kaidan 0.6.0 has been accepted into Debian testing so Kaidan will be part of the next stable Debian 11/bullseye.

Cheers !

#debian #xmpp #freesoftware

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Now if only I could teach her to swap cables instead of just playing with them.

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Seeing WhatsApp is forcing users to accept sharing their data to Facebook who else will not be accepting those conditions and rather have their account deleted?

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