mastalab decided to stop showing me notifs so i think it's time to find an alternative lol

Holy fuck I've had a rough couple of days. Didn't even realize I've basically been nonexistent.

Little Witch Academia is no longer on netflix and I'm depressed. I wanted to throw it on because I was in the mood to rewatch it but I don't have it downloaded :(

@MochaKoffee is a treasure. they have a working gallery of nintendo powers, just there for anybody to flip through. imagine the dismal state of media preservation without the internet and its disregard for shitty laws lol

Every couple of months I get curious about all the slow moving translation projects for video games I wanna play and see that they've gone nowhere since the last time I checked. I think it's about time to just learn Japanese lol

Been listening to this while doing my work and it's so relaxing. Wish this had gotten a proper soundtrack release. :(

@MochaKoffee I know you advised me against Eva extended universe stuff, but..... there's a patch for this. I had to.

My favorite new youtube channel is a guy that drones on for half an hour each video about the history of dead media formats

Highly irritated that after putting my 3DS back together I didn't realize I forgot to properly seat the wi-fi switch. I'm not going back in there today lol

Apparently the only capable scanlator in the world with any interest in Nekojiru's works is drowning in projects and has Nekojiru Udon Vol. 2 just sitting there fully translated, in need of an editor. I think I'm gonna help him out.

Since I was feeling productive today, I also hacked my PSTV. The thing is a million times more usable now, maybe I won't regret buying it so much lol

Bought some parts to fix my spare 3DS. I think I'm gonna hack it since it's just sitting around and it'll give me some reasons to actually play the 3DS lol

missed a dentist appointment because i overslept

feels bad

what happened, i was just shown a tutorial for this website as if i hadn't been here before lol

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