I have joined a Golang study group at work, and so have had a quick preview of the tutorial at the start of The Go Programming Language and I am being amazed at how quickly it gets things done. I take back anything negative I might have said after my last (brief) run at it

@mgdm I just hope GOPATHs disappear with next release 😍

@david I’ve been hearing something about that. That was one of the things I kept hearing bad things about and got put off by

@mgdm with vendoring, there's no need for it. It's the biggest source of confusion for newcomers to the language.

@mgdm I've been using Go as my go-to (no pun intended) language for some time now. For the most part I really like it. Long-time programmers have many complaints about style or missing "features" but for someone like me it works really well.

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