Im likely to be moving to on here shortly, in case anyone cares to follow me over there

1970s: <noun>-beat
1980s: <noun>-rock
1990s: <noun>-hop
2000s: <noun>-core
2010s: <noun>-wave

Something about climbing may have clicked today. Went in not expecting to do particularly brilliantly, but got on quite well (for me). I want to go back though I doubt my arms will thank me

@Brunty how often did the word “tactical” feature? :-)

GraphQL === SQL written in JSON.
Ansible === shell scripts in YAML.

Don’t @ me

@ssx @david I will say that if you're looking at using the Yubikey for SSH on OSX, I'm not sure I'd bother doing it again, as the gpg-agent that runs it is junk and crashes all the time

@ssx @david fairly easy. You can make it harder if you create the keys off the device, make subleys, and import those, which is what I did. But you can just create a key on it and use that

At work: designing serverless continuously-delivered fully-tested automated systems with infrastructure as code

My own stuff: Trawling root’s .bash_history while trying to remember why I configured Apache that way back in 2009

Oh, remember, mileage estimates on EVs are imaginary. The Bolt is rated for 238.

For me, that means 250 average, in summer - between 200 and 300 estimate, based on driving style. In New England winter, it's 180 *barely*

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@david fear of carbon monoxide and diesel particulates, yeah 😄

I wonder if the effects of exercise like running or cycling are offset by doing them on or next to a main road in a city

@rdallasgray whereabouts? I think I saw my first ever bat last year

@david I’ve been hearing something about that. That was one of the things I kept hearing bad things about and got put off by

I have joined a Golang study group at work, and so have had a quick preview of the tutorial at the start of The Go Programming Language and I am being amazed at how quickly it gets things done. I take back anything negative I might have said after my last (brief) run at it

@irl @_tj I have not posted on it for like 3 years, but if that changes I’ll let you know

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