I opened an issue for core to improve the DX for theme building. One setting to rule them all, instead of modifying development.services.yml and settings.local.php. No more `drush cr` to see changes in Twig templates.


Just learned about EduTools from JetBrains which allows you to build interactive courses and publish them to their marketplace.

I'm working on building a Typed Data API course based on my Typed Data API by Example repo github.com/mglaman/drupal-type

I wrote a thing... Drupal hook implementations without needing to define a .module file or any kind of proxy class/service features. previousnext.com.au/blog/hux-a

Ever run `composer update drupal/core` and then lose your phpunit.xml? Sick of having to constantly copy the file?

Here's how I set up my PHPUnit configuration for my projects and avoid this problem.


Comments like these make the Drupal community such an awesome open source ecosystem to work within. Thanks @e0ipso


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