This is the best combination of form factor, keyboard layout, indicators and "case features" I found to this day. That's not just me being nostalgic, I really would love exactly this device with up to date hardware.

A locking notebook lid. All those indicator LEDs. This magnificent keyboard. No touchpad. And those mouse keys 💜

@mgr You know what? If Lenovo started making these again, and did nothing but upgrade the graphics and sell the base model with at least 4GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD I'd buy one at retail. As long as you don't have 69 browser tabs open, this is all the computer you need for most tasks if you know how to install Debian or OpenBSD. :)

I think I would, too, although I'd still like some extra power as well. I heard some chinese guy is making "hardware upgrades" (designing a new mainboard etc.) for those devices. I didn't look it up yet mself though.

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