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If anyone out there is interested in the #gemini protocol I've started the beginnings of an emacs major mode for text/gemini. Very early days as of right now though. Watch this space.

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:blobCatPeek: Hey fedi.

I would like a favour please:

Give your cat scritches.

Tell your dog they are good.

Give your bearded dragon a tasty treat.

Just go forth and be lovely to your pet for no reason.

Pets are awesome and offering affection helps your bond with them grow. So go do that!

:blobCatPeek: ok thanks

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Does anyone know what a thomasson is? Let me explain.

Wikipedia would describe a thomasson is a useless structure or relic that has been preserved as part of a building or environment that has become a sort of piece of art in itself. Examples would include some stairs that mysteriously go nowhere, a gate without a fence, an old now unused telephone pole standing free on its own, etc. On object that has the appearance of conceptual art even though they were not originally created to be such.

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Turns out, while the clinic dutifully fill in the metadata, they're doing it in a funny way. Instead of using tags specified by the standard, they're using different ones. Namely Military branch and military rank.

So our car was recorded being in cat branch of military and having rank of Siamese.

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Netgear is locking some features of their switches unless the product is "registered"
In plain terms, they're pushing you to let them collect data on your network device. What data exactly? Well... "The information we collect varies depending on which NETGEAR product or service you use."

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It's kind of funny in retrospect that the programming language whose mantra was "There Should Be Only One Way To Do It" featured two separately maintained, incompatible, versions of itself for 11 years.

i enjoy seeing opensource folks get into it, while trying to keep it friendly but also not


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