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hey there, I'm Keegan, she/her. I'm into and and I'm a major! I was mhninaeide on tumblr and now I am here!

when i see the "ou" in favourited i get even more canadian eh

how many seasons of ru pauls drag race do u think i got through before i realized what Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent shortened to

Mothman is real and he held my hand in the Denny's parking lot

anyone else think that women are pretty cute sometimes?

please sir this is my emotional support female presenting nipple

everything is so fast. twitter but im not allowed to read anything

As soon as I figure out what the fuck I'm doing it's over for you hoes

maybe the reason aliens haven't contacted us yet is bc humans are just Like This

why do i love this site already? is it the toots? yes. it's the toots.

fuck you animal crossing dont tell me to "take a break" just because ive been playing for 7 hours straight

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