Something something rational actors efficient markets something something queen of the social sciences

@mhoye this caused me to burst a blood vessel in my eye

Not really physically but spiritually

@mhoye I'll let you that least significant digit is being used to encode an in-band property like (re)stocking sequence or something.

Bet you a penny!

@gnomon Oh wait you said 'least significan't digit' as in first digit as in never mind i'm an idiot.


but I was quite puzzled by your reply, initially

@gnomon Further evidence: I spelled it significan't.

In my sort-of defense, I wasn't wearing my glasses.

@gnomon @mhoye or the fact that the more expensive one has half as many batteries

I've noticed this on battery stands before. I suspect it's A/B tested that people grab the expensive 4 pack instead of the 8 by mistake, but don't notice until they are out the store.

istr also reading that prisons don't allow larger battery packs than 4 or so

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