DevOps is designed to align motivation and risk - if you carry the pager for code you write, you're going to be responsible for the consequences of your code, and change your plans accordingly - but if we wanted to do this right for social media, the people actually writing the code would be spending a few days a month moderating content, too.

If Facebook engineers had to moderate content one day a month, to the standards they hold their content moderators to - that is to say, if Facebook engineers actually experienced the consequences of the software they've written - I wonder how many of them would still be working there in six months?

@mhoye I feel this way about end-user support, too. My priorities as an engineer(ing manager) get a useful nudge every time I handle support queries – *especially* the easy ones.

@wjt user support is where you test the theories your user research team put forward. The software is an experimental apparatus, not a product.

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