Having recently learned about this:

I am now compelled to make a list of movies that share songs in their soundtracks, and make extremely long, nonsensical movies that crossfade from one movie to the next as the shared songs are being played. Anyone out there got a list of movie soundtracks in some structured format?

It's 1986, and the movie opens with Basinger and Rourke in 9 and 1/2 Weeks. Soon, "Obsession" starts playing, and for some reason we segue to "El Cantate", about a... Samba singer? We cut from there to Mean Girls via "Love's Theme" to Hackers when Halcyon+On+On gets going. From there, we cross over to Saving Silverman via Connected, and I Like To Move It fades us over to Madagascar, where "What A Wonderful World" lets us close on the final scene from 12 Monkeys.

Calling it: I'm a genius.

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The only hard rule here is that you can't go backwards in a movie - if you fade into Hackers via, say, Cowgirl, you can't leave via Voodoo People. There has to be a good enough data set out there to calculate the forward soundtrack distance between movies that are connectable.

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