Jesus, if you've ever wanted to watch the blockchain crowd at their most ignorant, naive worst, if you have ever wanted to watch peak white-privilege techbro in action, take a look at where the solution to this global pandemic is to put people's medical records on a globally-visible, non-repudiable database.

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Can you imagine being so comfortable that you'd look at this and not be able to recognize it as a weapon. To be so naive in you ease that it would not even cross your mind that you're helping load one more gun pointed at the marginalized, poor and disenfranchised. Can you imagine being so ignorant that it might never occur to you to ask why the confidentiality of medical records might matter.

Cryptocurrencies are already nothing more than a way of turning cryptolibertarian masturbation fantasies directly into climate change, but hey hey, that blockchain technology means we can also build all sorts of other tools of oppression while the world burns down. And our hands are clean, so clean, because code is morally neutral, right?

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