In retrospect, the combination of "organize the world's data and make it universally accessible" and "make money selling ads" was always going to add up to "we are going to man-in-the-middle everything in the world."

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@mhoye agreed.

And these days I wonder if "don't be evil" was primarily just a freakishly effective PR gambit to buy enough runway to grow to the point where regulatory countermeasures could not touch (or even keep pace) with the menace caused by that position.

@gnomon @mhoye just because you want to do good doesn't mean you will or will continue to want to do so

but also, {eric schmidt, sergey brin, larry page}'s current behaviors suggest they have, at the very least, given up the ghost on that front

@dlovell @mhoye the point in the previous post is that their current behavior calls into question their past sincerity.

I agree with the two points you just made. The gap between "wanting to do good" and "doing good" is filled with some excellent workplace safety, food safety, and chemical handling regulations, for instance.

@gnomon @mhoye accepted :-)

i'm trying to place an upper bound on what provable sincerity should buy you, which is not much

"demonstrate your sincerity with a plan robust enough to not need it"

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