@mhoye The side effect of the trade- game. Why not create and talk about trade-free?

@mhoye This is why you should not use Facebook. Can of worms opened... Stop entrusting motherzucker with your data.

@Jesse946 I hate to say it, but data compromise does not even crack the top ten reasons that you should not use Facebook.

@mhoye Data is basically currency at this point. What are some things you think are more valuable, digitally, than data?

@Jesse946 The attack surface you present to the company by participating, for one. The information you provide to the company about how they might be able to manipulate other people you care about is another.

@mhoye Right, information... is information not data?

@mhoye On Facebook I DO NOT Use My Real Name, Address or Phone Number. That Way, My Data is Secure because Every Listing is False... Why would I Tell them the Truth at all? On their form I left as Much as Possible Blank and Filled in False info where required.

@mhoye With everything they've done -- why does anybody use Facebook anymore???

@cole Because it's really, really hard to walk away from a network of friends.

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