My daughter just asked me what i'd tell 15 year old given the chance, and that took me a minute. 15 year old me was pretty awful and not a great listener.

I finally settled on, just because you've got a clever answer doesn't mean you understood the question. Kindness is a weight; it's always easier to be cruel. But there's more strength to be found in lifting people up than pushing them down.

@mhoye You're a better person than I am. I'd tell young me to buy Apple and Amazon stock. :thinking_happy:

@DCLXVI fifteen year old me didn't have that kind of money.

@mhoye Oh gosh, I wasn't a rich kid, but by the time I did have a little extra cash they were still cheap stocks.

@mhoye I like this answer a lot. I wonder if we'd be better off if it were more widely acknowledged that kindness is often *hard*.

@mhoye and that it's often a commitment rather than a nature. Like, I *want* to be kind, and if I frequently have to suppress a glib, snarky answer and dig around to find empathy to do it I don't think that lessens the kindness.

quite the opposite, IMHO. the harder, the worthier

@mhoye There's a good version of that question

What would you tell yourself, and would it sound any different from what any other adult said.

@alienghic I do recall a lot of adults telling me things that weren't super useful. Not in retrospect, not at the time.

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