Looking at people talking about the price of Docker, wondering when the internet collectively switched from "censorship" to "paying people for their work" as something to treat as damage and route around.

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"The modern internet treats refusal to be exploited as damage and routes around it", how'd we end up here.

@mhoye agree in the general case but here it's hard to feel too bad about exploiting folks who are backed by hundreds of millions of dollars of venture capital and whose software I use because my employer makes me rather than by choice

@mhoye "the modern internet" has more in common with the "free market" than the classical Internet.

@mhoye Yeah, I feel this, but I also feel conflicted about how Docker and other VC-funded companies go about their monetization. The people at Docker have done great engineering work and should be paid for it. But it seems that they always intended to do this bait-and-switch with their pricing model. They needed enough time for their work to become critical infrastructure before they could actually pull it off. I'm all for paying for good work, but this seems a bit like delayed extortion

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