@mhoye @TheGibson if you ever need one Korean pretender to displace another with, please do let me know.

@mhoye @TheGibson (serious inquiries only, of course. but I've heard of this one upstart who's obsessed with cryptocurrency and seized a major IRC network...)

@mhoye I can also vouch for the fact that the irc is active (:

(and welcome to the family of reform2 owners, we're an odd, eclectic bunch, just as you'd expect (: )

@liberachat hey, I meant to mention to you directly: a few weeks ago I mistyped libera.chat as “libera dot net”, which to my surprise brought me back to the old bad place. I don’t know what if anything you cam do about that, but I thought you should know.

@mhoye I'll admit, seeing that card (thanks to Libera's main account boosting it) makes me curious on what that project is.
Does it happen to be the device at the following link?

Thanks for your time!

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