Here at the intersection of "built to last" and "things fitting perfectly into other things", the MNT Reform laptop fits _exactly_ into a Saddleback front pocket leather satchel with no room at all to spare. (cc: @mntmn )

@mhoye I'd want a bit more padding on that to avoid the inevitable smashtastic ending

@scruss yeah, as much as I like the idea of it - which is quite a lot - there is zero chance this turns into a daily driver. I’m measuring Pelican cases now.

@mhoye I'm glad that Pelican make slimmer cases, as the old ones were kind of chunky.

I'm shuddering at the memory of what came before pelican cases: those terrible alu-clad plywood cases with pick and pluck foam that turned to goo in a few years. Bought a huge camera that had been stored in one of those for decades, and getting the gooey bits off was horrid

@scruss I’m also looking at Nanuk cases, they’ve got good options and are Canadian made.

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