Them: “this is intended for more casual cyclists, are you...”

My inner monologue:

Kind of amazing how often multibillion-dollar companies ask you to do a bunch of their work for them.

Is anything more capitalist than a pile of screaming skulls with a low-price guarantee?

The face you make when you realize the Olympics are going to be in Tokyo in 2020:

Imagine the marketing meeting. "We need to sell people the slowest, weakest and dumbest animals around, but... make it seem healthy."

Something something rational actors efficient markets something something queen of the social sciences

Some kids at the park were tossing around firecrackers wrapped up tightly in paper, to make a that bigger, cherry bomb sound. My daughter found one and unwrapped it, and it turned out to be a scene from Romeo and Juliet. It’s kind of beautiful, in truth.

I have no idea what any of this says, but apparently tonight’s karaoke options include Internet Explorer and Communism?

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