Why is there a windows store advertisement in my sound preferences? My volume control apparently needs an ad blocker, how did we end up here.

I love digging into computational archaeology. Why would you ever choose a non-power-of-two for your byte or word lengths in a computer? Because vacuum tubes are so expensive and finicky, obviously:

This is what President Obama thought of his natsec-approved email-device.

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I know the guy's been busy, but I honestly don't know how normal humans are supposed to navigate this stuff.

Voter suppression efforts don't just limit your franchise, they shorten your life.

An remarkable artefact of women's central roles in early computing:

Today in “finally got my emacs just the way I like it” near-parody ergo news: this is my current keyboard experiment. A split keyboard mounted to a three way ball joint, hanging off the front of my standing desk.

A minor technical note, but based on my small sample size it looks like turning off the power management on your bluetooth stack on Windows makes bluetooth audio actually work right.

The ROI on backyard carrot gardening is... not spectacular.

One of my favorite things about Android is how stuff like this can pop up and you don't interact with it and it goes away and you have no idea what happened, it feels very safe and respectful.

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