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"Do you have any baggage, sir?"
"God, yeah. Where do I even start. I... oh, you meant 'luggage'."

Quietly and inexplicably delighted by iOS' insistence that "boogers" be corrected to "booger's". No, no, the correct text here is the possessive, not the plural. It's not that there are many boogers. It's that something _belongs_ to the booger.

Listen, I love a principled philosophical discussion as much as the next principled philosophy discusser, but... look, if you think that "freedom from" is somehow a weaker or less valuable foundation than "freedom to", then you're guaranteeing me that you don't have a lot of hard problems in your life, and I don't have a ton of time or patience for a philosophy that doesn't want to talk about hard problems.

I’m calling this a failure. I am disappoint.

I’m going to drink both of these at the same time and turn into the Hulk.

One of the best parts of community management is the people who believe that not being allowed to take a shit on your desk is an unreasonable, despotic restriction on their freedom of expression.

“Why do we play games that debase us, that leave us so undignified?”

Because, Clayton Purdom suggests in response - the alternative is to realize that we’ve wasted our lives.

The cyclical trap, here - the fear of expanding your mind, at the cost of realizing who you were. That’s where we are right now, if we call ourselves gamers.

I keep coming back to something Tevis Thompson’s work seems to dance around, the idea that the role of the critic is to cause the examination of the self in others. To pry apart the assumption, and understand the mechanism within, its moment, axis and inertia. To _seek to understand_, and to find empathy in that instance of understanding. The worst possible case there, the nightmare scenario, is to fall back to “I want only what I’ve had before, again.”

Imagine trying to explain Twin Peaks, The Wire or The Prisoner to self-described “hard core TV watchers” whose idea of perfection is Paw Patrol with live ammunition.

Imagine trying to advance the view that cooking, that culinary skill, is a real, challenging, complex and expressive art form entirely its own, in a world where self-described “hard core eaters” insist on a diet made entirely of apple juice and mushy bananas.

From what I gather from the internet, the worst thing about Fallout 76 is that it isn’t Fallout 4 Again. The worst thing about Diablo Immortal is that it’s not Diablo 3 Again.

This is probably why we’ll never see Portal 3.

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"The webinar depends on Flash so you should install Chrome" excuse me but who the fuck do you think you're dealing with here

"If the disk management console isn't working, you'll need to use diskpart from the command line". See also, "if this pool noodle isn't doing the job, here's a baseball bat made entirely of rusty nails and tetanus."

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Torontonians, Ontarians, lend me your usernames that I may follow you I am so goddamn alone out here

#Toronto #Ontario #YYZ #GTA #boost

Anyone remember that stretch where a bunch of really comfortable dudes kept going on about how the birdsite people were really making good decisions but you just weren’t smart enough understand them? Good times.

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